Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness

Lifesigns Clinics


Specializing in comprehensive physical exams, Lifesigns was designed with a patient-centered approach. With Lifesigns, patients receive one of the most in-depth looks into their current health and then receive additional guidance related to how best to address any of the medical concerns that arise from the testing performed. While at Lifesigns, each patient will receive not only the traditional annual wellness exam that most receive from any primary care provider, but also have the ability to have a variety of tests performed that normally would require the patient to go to several different doctors in order to understand their complete health. Lifesigns provides patients with the opportunity to receive cardiac stress tests, chest x-rays, mammography, DEXA bone scans, hearing tests, breathing tests, and ultrasounds of their head, neck, and abdominal cavity, all in one location during one appointment.

Once you have completed your annual physical exam with Lifesigns, you will receive a full report 2 - 3 weeks later that will show you not only your test results. Lifesigns will walk you through any abnormalities or findings within your test results and recommend appropriate treatment, prescriptions, or lifestyle changes based on those findings. If the findings indicate anything that would require a specialist to investigate further, Lifesigns will work to schedule you with the best specialists in your area to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Lifesigns has decided to be proactive in the fight against diabetes (the 7th leading cause of death in the United States). The Center for Disease Control issued a report1 in 2017 detailing that 1 in 3 individuals in the U.S. suffer from diabetes or prediabetes. More astonishing than that, the CDC found that 88.4% of adults with prediabetes were unaware that they had the condition.

Seeing this as a national epidemic that has received very little attention, Lifesigns has decided to be proactive and implement a new prediabetes and weight-loss management program designed to reverse prediabetes and teach individuals core life changes that will aid them in averting diabetes as much as possible, with the goal of structured weight loss and a healthier future for the patient. This program is overseen by our in-house nutritionist and medical providers.

With hypertension being the main risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and strokes, Lifesigns also has a program to help those suffering from hypertension to properly manage their blood pressure through education, lifestyle changes, and medication (if necessary). This program is also overseen by our in-house nutritionist and medical providers.


In addition to the normal , patients have the ability to receive their full body composition with our DEXA machine, the gold standard for body composition testing. Our DEXA body composition will show you the percentage of muscle, bone, and fat throughout your body. The full body composition procedure takes roughly 15-20 minutes to perform. During this time, our DEXA machine will analyze your body and will provide a detailed report of your body, broken down into 10 different regions so that you can tell exactly what your percentage of body fat is in each area of your body. For those of you who are interested in fitness and knowing more about your body composition, this is the best way to understand exactly where you stand. It is also useful for those starting a fitness program who want to get a baseline of their body fat % and be able to track changes over time, or simply those who want to annually understand how their body composition changes each year.