Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness

Employer Wellness

Clinic-Based Health Screening

As a component of health care reform, all non-grandfathered health plans include a basic preventive care visit. More and more employers are choosing to have their employees complete a Lifesigns Clinic exam in lieu of worksite screenings. Potential advantages include:

  • Beyond biometrics to a complete exam
  • More extensive lab testing
  • Scheduling through our national service center
  • Employees with identified risk have become familiar with the comfort and convenience of the Lifesigns system and are thus more willing to pursue longitudinal care
  • Like all our clinical data, exam data is integrated into our patient/employee portal
  • Once all employees have finished their exam, they are prepared to complete our online or bubble sheet health assessment questionnaire with their clinic results part of their final report and with aggregate reports available for the employer