Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness

Employer Wellness

Health Improvement

Walking in LeavesHealth improvement begins where people live: at home, at work and at school. But Lifesigns believes health and wellness programs can stimulate and shape that improvement. Our mission statement summarizes our philosophy: Our mission: Preserving Health. We attempt to accomplish that in three fundamental ways:

1) We embrace primary prevention

  • Vaccination
  • Healthy Lifestyle

2) We embrace secondary prevention (screening for early signs of disease)

  • Timely accomplishment of cancer screens: mammography, PAP, colonoscopy, and in many cases, PSA
  • Understanding the risk of a colonic polyp and assuring that patient understands that risk as well
  • Identifying our national scourge, pre-diabetes, and mounting a weight loss and fitness campaign through our TotalCare program and worksite campaigns
  • Recognizing pre-hypertension and communicating its relationship to lifestyle for the individual employee or patient

3) We embrace the philosophy and science of health behavior change

  • Clinical protocols and tools
  • Effective worksite campaigns
  • Providing every opportunity for the individual to foresee a healthy future, unstuck from unhealthy choices, enjoying a new quality and longevity of life