Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness

Wellness Incentives


Plan on boardThe planning process can begin with a straightforward question: what if we do nothing? What are the trends in medical loss ratio, absenteeism and other parameters of workforce performance? Then the process can move forward with purpose:

  • The program is embraced by top leadership as a core company value
  • A wellness team and internal leaders with diverse areas of expertise are identified
  • There's a short-term goal: flattening the curve of year-over-year increases in health insurance costs
  • There's a long-term goal: a healthier and more productive workforce embracing a culture or wellness and an enhanced quality of life
  • The strategy is multi-year and involves diverse resources from third-party experts to engaging worksite campaigns to recognition of wellness winners
  • Staying current with preventive care and cancer screens is integral to the plan as well