Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness

Clinic Services

Prevention-Centered Medical Home

Grenn House Prevention LabelAs part of health care reform, a new concept has emerged: The Patient Centered Medical Home. Under this model, physician leadership is augmented by:

  • The electronic health record
  • Physician extenders such as nurse practitioners and dieticians
  • Protocol-delivered care
  • A registry of patient-related problems: a practice should be aware of all its patients with pre-diabetes, for instance, and take a disciplined approach to bringing them care
  • Preventive-care services delivered on-time, appropriate for age and gender

While this model has been developed primarily for Medicare patients with established chronic disease, Lifesigns and its Lifesigns Clinics believe these same disciplines apply to health risk management for healthy patients as well. We are committed to this model and have taken major steps to meet certification criteria.