Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness

Wellness Incentives

Wellness with Immediate Return, Health Improvement that Works!

Results-based incentives are taking center stage. No other strategy offers immediate financial impact with the potential to bend future cost curves as well. The first priority is better health for employees, but few companies have the wellness budget to make that happen. Now, employees can accomplish health improvement as a group by participating in their own results-based or progress-based plan. Health benefit adjustments move from reactionary tweaks of deductibles and co-pays to proactive progress with employees at the center. It's a win for all parties - if the health improvement is real.

PaymentHealth improvement including input from physicians and other healthcare professionals familiar with the principals and tools of health behavior change are Lifesigns core values . Our 20-year history is one of health improvement through our Lifesigns clinics. As the first primary care platform to embrace results-based incentives and to make the employer and employees central to our mission, health improvement is our first priority.

We speak incentives. We speak health improvement.