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Prevention Group Rewards

As employers move to results or standards-based incentives, our incentive management platform becomes an ever more important component of our information platform. By their very nature, results-based incentives can have a significant impact on individual health insurance costs. Their nature is also defined by health care law. As a result, we have given careful attention to the development of our program to track health plan details, individual biometric and lab values, and the details of alternative standards and appeals. Capabilities of our rewards platform include:

  • Incentive Design
  • Delineation of alternative standard per company
  • Delineation of progress-based alternative standard per individual, if available
  • Status of appeals
  • Reporting to payroll systems
  • Broadcast of scores and their financial impact and the status of appeals to the individual employee's dashboard
  • HIPAA and Disability issues have been integral to the planning and development of Scoreboard from its inception