Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness

Wellness Incentives

Screening for Incentive Programs

Hand on ScaleWhen it comes to results-based programs, screening values have financial implications. Lifesigns is prepared to offer health screenings in a variety of formats:

  • Our favored worksite screening involves biometrics, body fat by ultrasound, and a fingertick Hemoglobin A1C using the best available technology for accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Our most thorough health screening happens in our Lifesigns Clinics.
  • Many employers now have a prevention benefit that covers the annual exam: the expense of worksite sreenings may be redundant.
  • As with any screening, staff should be professional and the process should involve minimal time away from work.
  • Employees will be repeating this process at least once a year: it should be a pleasant and efficient experience.