Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness

Employer Wellness

Worksite Screening

Taking blood pressureLifesigns, through its sales staff and Wellness Coordinators in each market, have attended countless health fairs, delivered innumerable flu shots and provided other wellness services upon request. We have also conducted numerous worksite screenings and have developed a standard approach and quality assurance as follows:

  • National standard operating procedures
  • Standardized forms for data collection and HIPAA compliance
  • Rigorous quality assurance to assure a professional experience
  • Leverage of our national clinical presence with a major reference lab to obtain optimal pricing for our worksite testing
  • Integration of biometrics and lab values with our online risk assessment system
  • Ability to incorporate third party or physician office lab reports and to incorporate that data into our incentive management
  • Lifesigns is also willing to oversee screening by third parties