Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness


Healthcare and Wellness Combined

AppleStethascope Our clinics are focused on prevention rather than on disease. We screen for emerging health risks and protect future health by managing those risks. While we provide treatment for hypertension, high cholesterol, weight issues and other established conditions, we believe that complex chronic disease deserves its own focus, and we refer patients with complex problems to other facilities in the community. But we strive to make our preventive care services all inclusive. By moving beyond physician services to mammography, optometry and other ancillary services we attempt to save time and money: our patients enjoy a single co-pay and single time period away from work! Our appointments are scheduled to be “no-wait.” We know our patients have the same busy lives we experience ourselves.

We enroll the majority of our patients through our relationship with corporate partners. This makes us the rare primary care practice to place a focus on the employer and the work site. The average age of our patients is 42. We do not see patients younger than 16 or older than 65 except by special arrangement.

As a wellness company, we bridge the gap between worksite wellness and clinical care. The world is moving toward results-based and progress-based incentives with at-risk employees facing increased costs. We intend to serve the needs of those employees through individualized goals and tools and assistance to achieve those goals.

Not only did we invest in a leading Electronic Health Record, we then developed our own integrated health portal so that patients and employees alike can take control of their health through our information platform. We believe we are one of the few primary care systems with our own online nutrition course and other web tools and phone apps designed to augment our clinical and wellness efforts.

Appointments, verification of benefits, and other visit-related issues are handled through our national call center where we constantly strive for excellence. No sliding glass windows or unpleasant staff allowed!